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Just an ordinary girl with a huge shopping hobby. Every item sold at her blog are well taken care of. However, not every items are pre-loved as some are brand new and impulse purchase.

August 23, 2010

Its complicated bag

Code : 0159

Size : Free

Price : RM55 (inc posLaju)

Owner's comment : Bag design is exactly like latest
in trend Balenciaga bag. Only the design is different.
Never used before, defected on the love chain area,
other than that, its fine. :)

Brown ribbon bag

Code : 0153

Size : Free

Price : RM50 (inc posLaju)

Owner's comment : Used once only.
Just realize that I bought 2 similar bags with similar colors!!

Balenciaga Business Woman

Code : 0150

Size : Free

Price : RM450 (inc posLaju)

Owner's comment : Used several times, item still in good condition.
One of the handle lose its button and the zip has some problem.
However, I've bought it to KL to repair, so basically,
everything is perfect. :)

Lady bag

Code : 0149

Size : Free

Price : RM25 (inc reg post)

Owner's comment : Used several times.
Bag still in good condition, rate : 8.5/10.
No tears nothing except for the metal tag bit rust.
Other than that, it's totally fine. :)

White top

Code : 0148

Size : S-M
Price : RM10

Owner's comment : Worn several times, still in good condition.
No defects, nothing. Made of comfortable cotton material. :)

Ribbon Vest

Code : 0147

Size : Fit up to M

Price : RM18

Owner's comment : Brand new. :D
Couldn't resist then buy it cause I think it pretty
unique and cute. Material is dark denim,
Very good quality. :D

Floral Cardigan

Code : 0146

Size : Fit up to M

Price : RM25

Owner's comment : Brought from same vintage shop,
Creampuff wardrobe. Ori price RM35 but selling it cheaper,
cause I think half cardigan should be cheaper? :)

Polka dottie~

Code : 0145

Size : S-M

Price : RM15

Owner's comment : Bought from a charity blogshop.
Never worn except for trying purposes.
Very cute n lovely top. Made from chiffon.

August 22, 2010

Puffed sleeve formal wear

Code : 0143

Size : S-M

Price : RM25

Owner's comment : Brand new never worn! Bought in KL.
Item made from satin+cotton. Very nice quality.
Not to mention, puffed sleeved as well, which
is "in" nowadays~~

Office lady

Code : 0142

Size : S-M

Price : RM20

Owner's comment : Worn once.
Very comfortable material, thin satin. :)
Fit best for petites.

August 21, 2010


Code : 0138

Size : Fit up to UK10

Price : RM25

Owner's comment : Brand new as well!! Never worn.
Very good quality vintage dress, good sewing as well.
Beige in color, suitable for both petites n tall ppl.

August 20, 2010

Go green!

Code : 0132

Size : Fit up to UK10

Price : RM30

Owner's comment : Yup, another piece from Creampuff wardrobe.
Bought at same price as well, RM35. Material same as the first one.
The color is nicer in real, like sea green color; camera hard to capture true color pic.

August 18, 2010

Coming next >>>>>

Bags Galore!

Updating few brand new + used bags!

Not forget to mention : Some brand new clothing as well!

When when?

Date : 20th - 23rd August!

Time : Stay tune! :)

August 1, 2010

Twin sister

Code : 0129

Green - SOLD

Owner's comment : Never worn before.
Bought months back. I duno. I think I have this habit,
where I buy something I like, in diff colors! O.o''

Go go!

Code : 0128

Owner's comment : Never worn. Really like this piece.
But unfortunately, too sexy for me. Lol. :)

Sweet old maid style

Code : 0127

Owner's comment : Never worn. Mom said I should dress
at my age. So its an impulse purchase!

Beaded top

Code : 0126

Owner's comment : Worn this once. Very body hugging.
The beads are fixed and wont fall off as Ive glued it nicely. :D

Old School Girl

Code : 0125

Owner's comment : Worn few times but the
top is well taken care off. It looks like new top, but worn. :)

Office Lady - Thrift-ed~!

Code : 0124

Owner's comment : Another office lady piece.
All details are stated. :)

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