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June 26, 2010

Ribbon up~! - Part II

Code : 0072
Size : Free
Price : RM15 / piece

Owner's comment : Not a hairband, but hair clip.
New style without the band. Both makes you look innocent and cute.
Well, I had another 3 more for myself. So better sell these off. (:

Lace me up.

Code : 0070
Size : Free S- small M
Price : RM25

Owner's comment : Bought this piece at RM30 plus in KL boutique.
The tube area is meant for ladies with smaller boobs so its
kind of tight for me. Very sexy piece as it shapes your body. (:

Big but small

Code : 0069
Size : Free S- small L
Price : RM18

Owner's comment : Its big sized but suitable for petites.
Worn this once at Genting. Can be worn as shoulder off top,
or any way you preferred. The color is faded pink originally. (:

June 25, 2010

The cheerleader

Mini 1
Mini 2

Code : 0066
Size : Free S-M
Price : RM15 / piece

Owner's comment : Mini skirts for petites. Worn once for Mini 1 during
high school dancing practice. Mini 2 is brand new! (:

Denim me

Code : 0065
Size : 26-27
Price : RM25

Owner's comment : Bought last year at RM46.90 from boutique.
Never worn not even once. When I tried to wear it,
it cant fit me, gained weight. But when I stated to lose weight,
m no longer into mini skirts. Prefer shorts. (:

Going brown

Code : 0064
Size : 28
Price : RM15

Owner's comment : Just added few more long pants into my closet, hence
need to clear some others. :) Its brown in color, not army green.
Taken with my digital camera, so the quality is not that good. (:

Genie jeans

Code : 0063
Size : 28
Price : RM25

Owner's comment : Worn several times but still in good condition.
Like others, no defect nothing. Selling it off as Ive lost weight. (:

June 24, 2010

BG top

Code : 0061
Size : Free S-M
Price : RM15

Owner's comment : Original from Body Glove. Forgotten how much I bought
this piece. Still in good condition, no defect, nothing. (:

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