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July 8, 2010

UCTI Charity Bazaar

Our college, UCTI,
(University College of Technology and Innovation)
are currently having a Charity Bazaar
going on from 5th of July till 14th July.

And guess what?
We would like to welcome
Interested blogshop owners to
set up their booth there and start selling their items!

The bazaar will held at our main atrium hall,
And each table will be charged RM30,
and the money goes to charity!

Do note that : (Booth reservations)

1. Booth are based on first come first served basis.

2. Blogshop owners are allowed to pick ANY
preferred day/s to set up their booth
as long as
the date is not clashed with other event/s.

3. RM30 will be charged per table per day.

4. Extra prop/s such as table stand or others
are needed to be inform to us,
in order for us to allocate spaces for your convenience.

And take note : (Booth details)

1. Cloth is included for each booth.

2. The measurements for the table are :

Width - 5 feet
Height - 2 feet

3. Other utilities such as power supply
will be provided if request.

For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at :

July 7, 2010

Shoes Galore~~!

Brought to you,

Preloved, Worn, Defected,



heels, flats, etc.

Check us out,
for all these preloved footwears,
on 9th July.

Remember, every posted footwears from this post,

are SOLD for :

RM5 - RM18 !!!


July 6, 2010

Tee Shirts Galore

Tee Intel
Size : M - L
Condition : 9/10 (worn once)
Color : Black

Tee BG
Size : S - M
Condition : 8/10 (worn less than 5 times)
Color : Army brown

Tee Monkey
Size : S - M
Condition : 9/10 (color slightly faded)
Color : Soft Pink (not obvious in pic)

Tee Tennis
Size : S - M
Condition : 9/10 (worn twice)
Color : White

Tee Graffiti
Size : S - M
Condition : 7/10 (defect below tee - removable)
Color : White

Code : 0107
Size : as mentioned above
Price : RM10 each
RM18 / 2pcs
RM15 / 3pcs
RM12 / 4pcs

Owner's comment : Got nearly 100 tees in my wardrobe in diff
designs, color, n sizes. No joke! Selling some off as I
seldom wear. Yeah, some are defected but the defects are removable.
Sorry for the poor quality picture. ):

Thrift-ed Skirt

Code : 0101
Size : mail me for measurements
Price : RM10

Owner's comment : Thrift-ed! Another piece by my mother. :)
Worn several times but in good condition. Couldn't managed
to capture nicer and clearer picture, but if you need more pics,
do let me know. :) Will try my best. N btw, the material for this skirt is good.

Thrift-ed Set 1

Code : 0103
Size : mail me for measurements. :)
Price : RM25

Owner's comment : Yup, another vintage piece. :)
Mom bought two color and this is one of em. Pink. :)
Comes in a set, only RM25. The coat is padded on the shoulder area;
While the skirt is same as the Thrift-ed Skirt. Only diff color,
and material. :) Color true to last pic. :)

Thrift-ed Set 2

Code : 0104
Size : mail me for measurements :)
Price : RM25

Owner's comment : Yup, another set. But this is actually green in color.
My camera wasn't good enough to capture the true color.
This piece is slightly different design than the 1st set. Which
you can see on the skirt part. :) Padded on the shoulder part as well.

Denim long skirts

Code : 0105
Size : mail me for measurements :)
Price : RM20

Owner's comment : Selling this off for my mom. You know how
vintage style is last time right? Where they have long skirts instead of
mini skirts. This piece is denim type. Quality is good,
no defect nothing. :) The color is slightly greeny brown.
I don't know what's the name of the color exactly. >.<''

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